Yosiah Johnson

Humanitarian. Artist. Entrepreneur.

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Actor. Musician. Humanitarian. Entrepreneur. These are merely a few words used to describe, Yosiah La’el Johnson (born January 23, 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio). Yosiah's love for entertainment began at a young age and was heavily influenced by greats like Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Martin Lawrence.


Yosiah grew up in a single parent household, which resulted in multiple relocations forcing him to grow up very quickly. Yosiah believes these circumstances helped him develop a very diverse, mature and charismatic personality. While some may have found the absence of a father, a broken family, and growing up in a small city to be an utterly dismal experience; Yosiah used it as inspiration. He became laser focused on creating a positive change in the world and committed himself to being an example to the younger generation.


Yosiah’s first encounter with acting was through the local church. He was cast in a few local church plays as a young child. In high school, he studied drama and volunteered in several high school plays. After graduation, Yosiah experienced some of his toughest adversities. It was a rough time for him as he went from being homeless to questioning his existence to trying to find purpose, and surviving a near death incident. During this time he found hope in music, not only as a fan but also as an artist.


Yo, (as he is affectionately called by family and friends) began producing music, developing talent, and studying the music business. In 2013, he signed a national distribution deal and soon after he was offered a management contract with a New York based talent firm.


Yosiah achieved regional and national success with his single, “Livin' Life”. He appeared to be on top and climbing even higher until more adversity hit. Following another tumultuous time, his music career soon declined.


True to the King In The Making that he is, Yosiah refused to allow difficulties to stop the vision for his life. He enrolled in college as a business major and began pursuing entrepreneurship. In 2014, he launched his own multimedia, Yosiah Vision that also offers business start up services for aspiring entrepreneurs. He continued gaining knowledge of the media industry by interning for Universal, Sony, and then working as a Promotions Assistant for Radio One. 


Towards the end of 2014, he was persuaded to apply as an extra in Don Cheadle’s, Miles Ahead. He initially saw this opportunity as a fun thing to do, however, it ultimately gave birth to his passion for acting. Shortly after being inspired by the experience with Miles Ahead, Yosiah joined several major productions as an extra working his way up to a supporting role in, The Unfortunate Faces of Portia Dupree in 2015.


He then enrolled at the Cincinnati Actors Studio that led to his first leading role as Davis in, A Touch of Stardust (2017)Yosiah would then go on to sign with Kentucky based talent agency, Katalyst. On his promotional tour for ATOS he made his first series of television appearances on WCPO 9WLWT 5, and Fox 19


In the spring of 2017, Yosiah returned to his first love, music. On April 7, 2017, Yosiah released a music single for the first time in years. FWD was featured in CityBeat as one of the top songs of the spring and on CincyMusic.com as the featured download. Yosiah is currently working on his first series of short films, an EP album, several humanitarian efforts and managing his business. He is seeking to secure a breakthrough role in the mainstream industry and to establish himself as a heavy-hitter in the entertainment and business world.


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